CAM Construction is aggressively bidding the new Glenridge Middle School project and is requesting you participation. The project consist of the construction of a 169,000 sqft , 1200 student new Middle School with associated site work and improvements located in the Glenridge Community Park. The sitework shall be in collaboration with Maryland National Park and Planning Commission. Site development will consist of a new school building and its associated facilities including multipurpose play field, retaining walls, paved roadways and parking lots, paved play areas, and stormwater management (swm) facilities.  Existing site facilities will be demolished during the course of the new construction.

The New Glenridge Middle School is scheduled to achieve a LEED Silver Certification as all bidders will be required to obtain LEED credits as specified to obtain this goal in there respective trade.

MDOT certified Minority Business Enterprises are encouraged to respond to this solicitation notice.

The project has an overall MBE participation goal of 30% inclusive of a 7% African American owned businesses and a 4% Asian-owned businesses sub-goals.

We note that it is imperative that all bids be received by the bid due date as stated above if your firm is to be included in this solicitation. This is inclusive all completed MBE forms.

Prospective bidders are advised this project is subject to Maryland Prevailing Wage rates and regulations.

Special Attention is directed to the Following:

Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements

Division 01 General Requirements