Robert Poole Building
Robert Poole Building
Metro Centre at Ownings Mills

Waverly School

Many green elements were utilized in the construction of this LEED Silver project. This photo highlights some of the elements including the green roof and sun shades.

Building the Maryland Community

CAM Construction is a local family owned construction manager providing award winning services to Maryland businesses and institutions since 1962. We offer you the stability and experience of an established firm coupled with the attention to detail that only a small company can provide.

CAM consistently ranks as one of the top 20 Construction Managers in the state of Maryland. The company maintains a strong Dunn & Bradstreet credit rating as well as a $100,000,000 bonding capacity.

Pre-Construction Services

CAM Construction is your full service construction provider. The earlier you contact CAM in the design process the greater your chances of having a functional and affordable design that meets your goals without last minute pricing surprises. We can assist you in finding talented design professionals uniquely suited for your needs, or partner with the group you already have chosen. CAM is able to work closely with the design team to parlay our construction and development experience into savings of both time and money.

CAM differentiates itself from other contractors by the vast pool of experienced subcontractors we selectively utilize to competitively bid projects. The breadth and quality of pricing is one of the most important factors in the ultimate cost of a project, and once this is coupled with our experienced management staff, you are assured of a smooth and pleasant experience.

Pre-Construction services are performed for all types of delivery methods, including Construction Management and Design/Build Services. In addition to offering comprehensive Pre-Construction services, we also offer an array of a la carte individual services to test your budget with real world costs, or to be your representative if you have already chosen a different builder.

Architects and Owners have consistently sought our estimating expertise for comprehensive budgeting at various stages in the design process. CAM has also assisted with scheduling and various other services to aid the owner and design team to maximize the potential of their project within the constraints of time, budget and site.


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Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is a project delivery method where CAM provides insight throughout the design phase for a set fee. Upon completion of the design phase, this contract can be amended to either a CM Agency or a CM at Risk contract. Under a CM Agency contract the owner is responsible for holding the trade contracts and the CM oversees the management of the project for a fee on cost.

Under a CM at Risk contract, CAM prepares an agreed upon Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project and we are responsible for all trade contracts. This delivery method has become more popular over the years due to the potential of savings the owner can realize by partnering with the contractor early in the design process.

CAM is also a member in good standing with the CMAA, advancing professional construction and program management worldwide.


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Design Build Services

Design/Build (D/B) is similar to Construction Management except the owner employs the D/B team through one contract where the contractor controls the design team. Owners in the past have contacted CAM with a concept for a project. We review the project and select and contract with a design team whose expertise match the owner’s concept.

As with the CM process, cost efficiencies are realized since the owner, contractor and designer are working together during design and development. Similar to the CM process a final price is calculated yet the DB team bears the risk of the trade contracts involved in the price.


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General Contracting Services

Under a standard General Contracting delivery method, sometimes referred to Design-Bid-Build, the Owner employs a design team. The design team develops the drawings and specifications for the project which are used to obtain competitive bids from several contractors. Typically, the contractor with the lowest qualified bid will be awarded the project.

This delivery method has typically been used by government agencies to procure projects.  CAM Construction has completed many of its projects under this delivery method. Many of these procurements have a pre-qualification phase to ensure only qualified contractors bid on a project.

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